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Czech-Japanese Association

Prague - 27.9.2005

Our second journey into the capital. This time, we wanted to visit the Czech-Japanese association. There, we wanted to register and receive some contacts on other Japanese living in the Czech Republic.
We were succesful in the first part so far. Maybe in some time…
We arrived by bus in Prague as usually and then we took a metro to get to the certain place. Because the culture and information center of the Czech-Japanese association is in Na Můstku Street (very crowded place), we could say that the life in Liberec is very calm in comparison with this. In spite of it, we finally found the foregoing secretary, it was in the last floor of a very high building.
The registration was succesful without any problems. But the miss refused to give us any detailed informations about Japanese living in the Czech Republic of course. She just promised to send us their e-mails if it will be possible. So ve spent some time in their library where were usually books in Japanese.
Then we went to see the Japanese embassy, just to know how it looks like and where it is. We met lot of foreigners, Japanese usually…
We even don´t have any photo, we didn´t find anybody to take a photo of us…:-(
So we got home finally but we still didn´t receive any e-mail. Time will show…

Czech-Japanese Association


Na Můstku 8/380
Praha 1
110 00

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